Increase the potential for breeders to match their mares with your stallions


As far as getting the right mares to our stallion books, G1 Goldmine is a great contributor.


Stallion Match Portal Dashboard

Stallion Match Overview

Sponsoring a stallion through G1 Goldmine is a great way to generate enquiries about your stallions.

With each sponsored stallion, you will receive a unique G1 Goldmine weblink, which will provide breeders with easy access to match their mares to your stallions.

You will also have private access to a host of analytics regarding your stallions within your unique Stallion Match Portal.

Increase Stallion Visibility

Add Another Sales Funnel

Breeders can easily contact stud farms based on Stallion Match results, enabling you to identify verified prospects.

You can view Stallion Match search statistics for your stallion based on a date range that suits - in real time! View a complete list of mares searched and their racing form/prizemoney. Even export this report as a PDF to share with your sales team for follow ups.

Customised Reporting

Track Each Stallions Performance

Data plays a major role in the making of a successful stallion.

You have access to an unprecedented level of data including progeny trackers, stallion match search analytical data and the beginnings of a mare analysis & communications tool.

Each of these have been created for a single purpose - increase your stallion sale conversions to the highest quality mares possible.

Stallion Profile Settings

Manage your Stallions

The need to deliver up to date stallion information to a potential breeder is key to making a timely sale. Easily update stallion profile photo, service fees, locations, etc within your unique Stallion Match Portal (Coming Soon).

Simply fantastic. Without it I wouldn’t be able to do my job nearly as effectively. It has opened up many doors, allowing me to breed a higher quality racehorse than with previous tools.



Tier 1 Stallions*


Tier 2 Stallions


* Tier 1 is Stallion with Service Fee over $2500